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"A Home Away From Home...Engaging With Children Through Creativity"

About Us


Montessori Preschool of Long Island is an intimate program located in a private home on the city lines of Hempstead and Garden City, three minutes from Hosfstra University in Nassau County New York.


MPLI provides a beautiful Montessori environment that inspires independence, creativity, responsibility and a love for learning. We encourage and challenge our students to explore, ask questions and seek answers. Our teachers and staff work with each child's strengths, interest and learning styles to help every child reach their full potential.


Montessori Preschool of Long Island has been committed to our students, families and communities for the last 15 years! MPLI teachers and staff believe that all children

  • Have the power to learn
  • Are curious and creative
  • Can succeed 

Why Montessori


Why Montessori?

The Montessori philosophy is among the fastest growing and most respected method of education. It was developed in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, she was the first female physician in Italy and a renowned educator. Dr. Maria Montessori made great strides in the field of education and the development of children, her philosophy and methods continue to be effective in the way children learn until this very day.

Development Cycle

Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that children's learning characteristic occur in developmental cycles of three years. For this reason Montessori classrooms typically encompass a three year age span. In this learning environment younger children benefit from the mentoring of  older children, the older children enhance their opportunities by serving as peer tutors and role models for their young peers.

A Dual Curriclum

The Montessori program for each succeeding cycle encompasses a dual curriculum. Our Montessori curriculum is developmental in nature and is accompanied by a academic curriculum. We learn to understand each student's learning style, the dual curriculum in design provides us with powerful daily criterion-referenced and student performance-based assessment opportunities. Results from the daily assessments make it possible for us to adjust our instructional strategies and presentation practices per child when needed. The curriculum at all levels is multi-sensory and multi- cultural.

Why Montessori Preschool of Long Island?

At MPLI we offer the highest quality of individual Montessori education that focuses on the full development and growth of a child. Our teachers and staff study both the Montessori philosophy and curriculum. Montessori Preschool of Long Island concentrates on the individual rather then the standardized norms. Our class structure and curriculum are based on a three year cycle and a mixed-aged group. This design allows for consistency, strong teacher relationships, encourages a sense of community and fosters a family spirit within the school.

Montessori Education vs Traditonal Education

 Montessori Approach            
Observing, judging, discovering
Teacher in background
Individual, small-group instruction
Mixed-age grouping
Cooperative interactions
Self-Correcting Materials
Individually-paced learning
Many multi-sensory materials
Emphasis on independence
Emphasis on independent learning
Movement in the classroom encouraged
Choice maximize
Self-motivation, self-discipline 



Traditional Education
Memorizing and reciting
Teacher central in classroom
Large-group instruction
Same-age grouping
Competitive interactions
Teacher corrections
Group-paced learning
Emphasis on conformity
Emphasis on teacher-directed instruction
Movement in classroom discouraged
Initiative de-emphasized
Choices minimized
Rewards and punishments 

MPLI Programs

Toddler Montessori


  • Toddler Montessori provides students 2-3 years old with a beautiful, caring and respectful environment to explore with their natural desire, to become independent, connect with their peers and community.

  • Students are allowed to choose their own activities and work at them on their own terms.

  • Students work at the task for the joy of the work, allowing them to focus more on the process then results.

A natural path to creativity!


Primary Montessori


  • Primary Montessori class is a mixed-aged classroom for students 3 (Independent in the bathroom) - 6 years old. Students remain in the primary class through their Kindergarten year and graduating out for first grade.

  • The Primary class offers a three  hour uninterrupted morning work cycle for mixed aged students.

  • The teacher introduces students to independent and group lessons based on their cognitive and academic levels of readiness.

  • Primary Montessori is a three to four year curriculum depending on the students date of birth.



Enriched Education

All classes follow a Montessori enhance curriculum that includes,

Language, Mathematics, Culture/History, Geometry, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Science, Practical Life, Arts, Music, Foreign Language, World Events, Environmental Awareness, Peace Education, Grace & Courtesy and Physical Education





 The first step is to familiarize yourself with the school via the information on the website. 

Schedule A Tour

Call or email Montessori Preschool of Long Island to schedule a school tour. The purpose of this visit is to see the school and further familiarize yourself with the education and care that MPLI offers. This visits allow for an in-depth conversation with the Head of School along with details of what our program offers. Often parents are grateful for the uninterrupted time to ask all the questions that are important when choosing care and education for your child. 

Application Forms

 The next step is to requesting enrollment forms. By filling out the Application form and submitting the application fee of $100.00. 

Student Observation (Ages 3 - 6 years old)

Once the application package has been received, your child will be invited to spend anywhere from a half an hour or a Montessori morning with us in class. This visit is for students with experience in school or childcare setting.  

Visits will be scheduled based on the age of the child, whether they have been in a school setting before, and the program in which their enrolling in.  

Placement & Enrollment

Montessori Preschool of Long Island families will be notified in writing of the child's acceptance to the program. Once we receive all forms, deposit, enrollment fees and signed tuition agreement a space will be reserved for the child. If the school has full enrollment the applicant's name will be placed on our waiting list. As space becomes available the parent will be notified in writing along with the child's start date.  

Montessori Preschool  of Long Island admits students of any race, color, sex, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies and school administered programs. 

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Schedule a tour today and see why Montessori works!

Montessori Preschool of Long Island

"A Home Away From Home, Engaging With Children Through Creativity"

24 Commander Ave



Tuition and Fees



Montessori School Year 2018/19 ( September-June)

Application Fee          $100

Montessori Fee          $350

Full Time    Monday - Friday                 8:00 am - 3:30 pm          $1100  (Monthly)

Part Time    MWF                                    8:00 am - 3:30 pm          $1000 

Half Day      Monday - Friday                8:00 am - 12:00 pm        $1000   ( Pre - Montessori)

After School/Extended Day                  3:30 pm - 4:30 pm         (Fees Associated) 

Extended Programs are offered to Primary and Kindergarten students only ages 4 - 6 years old.